New YAN Space Renovation Update!

New YAN Space Reno Project! – Updates

A new Youth Action Network Space for the youth of Rossland!!

Our biggest project right now?…The New YAN teen Space! We are working hard on raising funds, planning, coordinating, and working on the renovations (especially Mike) and It’s going great. Even on schedule! We just need a little more support with the last of needed finishing funds. Please consider donating to this important building that will provide a welcoming and inclusive space for youth and the community. We accept and are grateful for donations of all levels. You may donate to the new Rossland YAN teen space at this link or at Rossland City Hall, donations over $25 are eligible for a receipt. It gonna be great and an important hub for our youth now and to come. Let’s make sure it’s open by mid Oct 2017 together!

We are so excited about how this project is turning out and are soo very grateful for all the people and businesses who have held make it a possibility.

The Hows & Whys of this project:

This new teen space in Rossland is a community build. Meaning that lots of different community businesses, contractors, tradespersons, volunteers, and organizations have pulled together to help make this project happen. Throughout 2016 & 2017, Rossland YAN organized, wrote grants, and raised a good portion of the funds needed to get this project rolling and close to finished, and as many of the contractors and tradespersons were either donating time and resources or at a discount it was key that we start the many stages of the project when convenient for their schedules. The old YAN Space on Columbia Ave was super, but it also cost Rossland YAN a lot in rent and utilities. Money that could be better spent going towards the renovation of the new YAN Space ( a 1x cost) that, when done, would become an asset of the city and community. So, at the end of May 2017 we moved out of the old YAN Space and got started with the build! Estimates for the Renovation of the New YAN Space were calculated as best they could, and of course there are always unforeseen costs and unknown calculations – such as if we would get 100% of all grants we were still waiting for (we didn’t), or where and when we can get deals on supplies as they come needed.

So, with this in mind we hope you understand that this renovation project for the Teen Space and community building is going amazingly and on schedule, but, to finish up the last of the renovations we need your help. We need $20K more to complete this project. These last funds will be going towards the completion of the North Bay “Multipurpose Room” of the new YAN Space. It is planned to be used for a stage area for open mic nights and performances, large room ball and game play, indoor skateboard options, and maybe, just maybe,…an indoor Climbing Wall!

So please spread the word. Donate what you can.

Interested in Volunteer options? email us at

****Renovation Updates!****


Update: Sept. So the new YAN Space is getting a new roof today!!!

Trail Roofing has come through in a big way getting deals/donations from their suppliers and giving a large discount (like half price!!!)

Thanks for putting a roof over the heads of the youth of Rossland


Renovation Update: Things are still progressing at the future home of the YAN. The electrical and plumbing rough ins are done. We can’t thank Brad Smith of Ital Electric and Andre Kazoom of Main Plumbing and Heating enough for their contributions to this project!



Renovation Update: Rainbow crosswalk and siding starting!

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