Our Newest Popular Program! MindTime!


We run all sorts of programs here at the YAN space, and often we switch them around!Starting this school year, we have added a program on Mondays and Wednesdays called Mind Time. This program runs from 4:30 to 6:00pm, and is entirely devoted to helping our youth get things done! This is a block for homework, resumes, cover letters, school projects, and anything else that you can work on quietly. Some people have a hard time concentrating at home, but thrive when they are in a productive environment. For this purpose, Mind Time is perfect. This program has been helping youth to stay on top of everything, so they have some time to chill out later! We play some quiet music, and YAN staff are available to help with any problems or projects that we can! If you have something that’s been hanging over your head, come on by to get things done!

Meet Aven! The new YAN student!

Hello Everyone! Nice to meet you! My name is Aven Cosbey, and I’m the YAN student for this year. Rossland’s been my home since I was two years old, and I’ve been skiing for almost as long. Everyone in Rossland seems to have a dog, so I’ll introduce mine. Two very spoiled dogs call my house home, one miniature wiener dog and one lab Sharpay mix. We love them very much. Another thing we’re passionate about is travel. My family and I love to explore , and we’ve been all over the world! A couple tidbits about me, I’m an aspiring ukulele player even though I’ve only owned one for a few days. I’m also hoping to be a cool skateboarder if I can figure out how to go forwards without falling. Being a camp counsellor is my favourite way to spend the summer, and I’ve had tons of great experiences there. My hobbies include stressing out about school work and eating ice cream with little spoons to make it seem bigger. Thanks, everyone who comes and hangs out with me during drop in, and thanks to all of you out there who read my posts. I hope I can bring you something interesting or funny at least once a day. 🙂



YAN Space re-opening Sept 19th!

Hey everyone!

We hope you had a great Summer! We know we did, but have missed your faces, so back to school for you and back to work for us! We heard your wishes and have once again been creating fantastic new programs and events for local teens. We will be re-opening the YAN Space in downtown Rossland on Monday September 19th. Check out the Current Programs tab to get a glimpse of what funs you get to choose from this semester.

See ya soon! – silly YAN Staff

YAN Space   Mondays & Wednesdays4-30-6pm

Rossland YAN is Hiring for 2016-2017 school year!

JOB for 10-12 grade STUDENT!

Rossland Job Posting for a 10th-12th grade student

Rossland Youth Action Network (YAN)
The Youth Action Network is looking to hire a local student part-time to help
with Social Media, YAN Programs, and Space needs.

Hours: up to 12 hours a week
Hourly wage: $11.00
Taking applications until September 6, 2016
Employment Dates: Sept 12, 2016 – May 31, 2017
Supervisor: YAN Program Facilitator

Applicant must be a Student during the time of employment.
Computer Literate and Social Media savvy.
Work well with others and take direction from supervisor(s).
Ability to achieve and complete tasks in a timely manner.
Ability to carry out tasks independently.
Great communication skills.
Able to represent the Youth Action Network in a positive, engaging and appropriate manner.
An eager and strong work ethic with the ability to be flexible and take on additional tasks.

Responsibilities and Roles:
Social Media Liaison: Keep all of the YAN’s social media, website, online events, and posts up to date. This will include setting up posts, information, and pics for daily engagement with our FB, Instagram, and tumblr accounts/audience. Maintaining current information and posting monthly blogs to the Rossland Youth Action Network website. Applicant is expected to take a vested interest in ensuring a fun, engaging, and appropriate tone in all postings that will well represent the ‘voice’ and culture of the YAN. Chosen applicant will work closely with the Program Facilitator to help achieve this goal.
YAN Programming Promotion: As well as keeping the YAN’s online presence and promotion current; creating, hanging up, and distributing flyers and posters. Engaging with other teens about upcoming events.
YAN Space: Help ensure the YAN Space area and materials are orderly and clean. This entails weekly cleaning the space, organizing materials, and reporting concerns to Supervisor.
YAN Program Assistant: Assist and support YAN lead staff and volunteers as needed in YAN Programs Student is present for.

To apply: Please email the Program Facilitator at programfacilitator@rosslandyan.ca with your resume, contact info, and a little bit about yourself. The Rossland Youth Action Network will be contacting applicants chosen for interviews after the Application closed date: September 6,2016

Last Open Mic Night

The final week at the YAN Space has come! At the end of this week, all YAN programs will be closing down for the summer! Since this is the final week at YAN, it would be a shame if you missed out on any of these programs right before they ended! Most importantly the last Open Mic night is happening this Tuesday! Maybe you’ve thought about playing a song, or performing something, but decided not too because you’re too shy. Well this is your last chance to play before it all ends. Don’t be afraid to perform your heart out, and give it your all at this last event!

All other regular YAN Programs are happening for the last time at this event as well, such as Girl Talk and Makerlab! This Girl Talk will feature a treasure hunt across town, with prizes for the winners!


Red Talks!

Red Talks last Friday was a great success! We would love to say a thank you to everyone who came up and spoke in front of everybody about their topic. We had discussions about things ranging from traveling to 3rd world countries to reducing the use of plastic bags. We even had an art competition! It was a great night, and we’re excited for the Red Talks next year! The Art Walk was also a massive success, we had over 80 people show up to view the amazing artwork of the youth in Rossland, as well as to try all different types of lemonade!

Youth week is still going though, and we would like to remind everybody about the Gala happening at the RSS Auditorium this Thursday starting at 6:30! We will have many things happening that night, from youth film showings to a variety show! So make sure you don’t forget to come down to RSS this Thursday for the Gala!


Film Workshops in April!

This month at YAN seems to be for anyone who is at all interested in filmmaking. Last Saturday was the Claymation Workshop run by Shelley Painter. In the workshop, kids learned how to use clay to represent their imagination on camera, teens learned how to create sets, characters, and other objects to be photographed and used in video work. But with the ending of this workshop, more will begin, such as the Special effects makeup workshop happening from April 16-17. Here teens can learn how to use advanced makeup techniques for their films, and be taught how to create gory special effects. After that is the Director’s Workshop on April 23, where youth can be taught the in’s and out’s of what it takes to direct your actors and to make your own films! So if you’re interested in becoming a better filmmaker, don’t forget to sign up for these events!

Film Drop in

Rainbow side walk!

Well, The Rossland Youth Action Network is so happy to announce that the Creating a Supporting Rossland has been accepted to receive a grant from the McCreary Centre Society to buy paint to paint a rainbow coloured sidewalk here is our small town Rossland! We will also be using the grant money to buy rainbow flags and to do a sticker campaign. We hope to use these things in order to help spread the word of the Creative Supportive Rossland community.


Comics for Change release today!

Today is the release of the youth written book “Comics for Change”! Comics for Change is a collection of youth made comics that depict different current issues that are taking place in our area. Comics for Change was created to both raise awareness in our area of these problems, and to inspire youth to make unique and artistic representations and resolutions for these issues. Tonight at 7pm at the YAN Space, the books will be sold for the first time, as well as three teens will be selected to receive awards as well as honorable mentions.

The submissions for the comics were as diverse and unique in art style and material, as the youth in our area. Hopefully with these comics we can raise the awareness of these issues, and help prevent them in our future.

Comic for Change poster 1

Me to We!

The Me to We group is at it again, last Monday they met up here at the YAN Space to write cards for Canadian veterans who honorably served us in the war. They all wrote lovely letters thanking them for their sacrifices for our country. The Me to We group have been hard at work with other causes too, such as the “We are Silent” challenge they did back in November, where each of them vowed to not speak for 24 hours to fundraise for people who don’t have a voice, and are denied their rights. Or their “We won’t Rest” challenge, which was done on January 22nd, they camped outside to raise awareness for homelessness in our area. So far they have raised over $4000 to help local initiatives.

The Me to We group are working to help other people both locally and worldwide for a better future and a better planet. They hope to achieve greater and greater goals and both speak up, raise awareness and help find solutions for issues in our community. Interested in joining the group or finding out more? Contact the YAN and let us know!